Witnesses at a Wedding.

I really liked this photo of the Bride and groom together with the two witnesses and bridesmaids; it was taken a recent wedding at ‘The Room in the Rodings’ in north Essex. The two witnesses were the mother of the bride and mother of the groom and they were both so proud to be playing their part on such a special occasion.

Did you know, (I suspect not) that ancient Roman law required that there had to be ten witnesses present at a wedding? and this was considered a precursor to the modern bridal party tradition.

In those ancient Roman days Bridesmaids and groomsmen had to dress just like the bride and groom in order to confuse vengeful spirit presences (or real-life jealous suitors) who might try to harm the newlyweds. Luckily for the two mums in the photo this is no longer the case.

I think it could be quite interesting to look at the history and the law surrounding witnesses to weddings  –  perhaps I will do this in a later post.

Wedding Photography_ Room in the Rodings_Tony Sale Photography

Witnesses at a Wedding

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