Winter is a fantastic time to get married

If you’re looking to do something a little different for your wedding why not consider a winter wedding? Winter weddings are beautiful and truly unique.

Winter weddings are magical when light snow is falling or there is a crisp frost crystallizing dew drops.

A growing number of Brides are opting for a Winter Wedding over the Traditional Summer Wedding to take advantage of the winter landscape coupled with the traditional Christmas décor creating the perfect backdrop for the happiest day of their lives.

So if you’re considering a Winter Wedding let Tony Sale Photography capture the magic of the l day. Ensure yours is a spectacular affair to remember, with images that will always evoke warmth in the hearts of all those privileged to attend your very special winter wedding day!


The winter wedding of Rachel & Gary at The Swan Hotel in Bedford


If you are planning a winter wedding or would like to find out more about wedding photography then contact us now for further details. Phone 07504 493006 or use the contact form to request further informtion.

Winter Weddings
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