So why is it traditional for brides to wear a white wedding dress?

Well believe it or not it’s all down to Queen Victoria. Before she married Prince Albert in 1840, most brides would simply wear the most expensive dress they owned. However, Victoria wanted white because it was the colour of her favourite lace.

She wrote in her diary: ‘I wore a white satin dress with a deep flounce of Honiton lace……

Victoria set the trend for brides in the future, helped by the colour’s association with purity – and also the fact that white was a status symbol, only the wealthy could afford to wear it.

Wedding Dress in the bridal suite

Clarrence House Thaxted the bride in her beautiful wedding dress

So whilst on the subject of the wedding dress, why can’t the groom see the dress before the wedding?

Well in fact he can!!!! He just can’t see the bride in it.

It’s a tradition that started long ago in the time of arranged marriages. Marriages were once business deals between land owners. A marriage between land owners could mean prosperity for both families. The favoured son of the first house usually did not get a glimpse of the bride until the wedding. Therefore, if the groom saw the bride and didn’t take to her then the wedding may never happen.

All ready to go thw wedding dress waiting to be worn

Wedding Dress_02

Nowadays of course, it would be most unusual for the bride and groom not to have seen each other before the big day and  it’s just fun to pretend that it’s bad luck or forbidden

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Why do brides wear a white wedding dress?

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