FAQs – Weddings

Time to put me in the hot seat, I guess.
Here are just some of the burning questions which you might like answered when considering a photographer for your big day. As a set of interview questions go, it’s far from exhaustive, so if you have any other questions, do give me a call or contact me and I’ll be happy to help.

General information

[toggle group=”a3″ title=” Why hire a wedding photographer? Why not just use Uncle Bob?”
class=”toggle3″ titlebg=”#f5f5f5″ contentbg=”#f5f5f5″ title_color=”#111111″ ] You’d expect any professional photographer to say that taking high quality wedding photographs is harder than you think. Weddings are fast moving, dynamic events where training and experience pay off in first class photographs. Diplomacy, discretion and people skills are of paramount importance and the photographer be able to deal with a multitude of different environments and lighting situations.
Without doubt, a keen amateur could do the honours, but chances are they might not photograph weddings very often or have all the equipment at their finger tips for the special lighting often needed to shoot images in a church or in another historic or more modern marriage /reception venue. There’s also the personal relationship to consider… Would a friend or relative photograph you in the same way as an independent professional? How would you feel if things didn’t quite go to plan? Wouldn’t you prefer Uncle Bob to enjoy the day with you, free from any pressure?

It goes without saying that wedding photographs will last for many years to come, well after the wedding itself. When the food’s eaten, the dress hanging in the wardrobe and the flowers long since faded, your wedding photographs will bring back the memories of your special day and will continue to do so for a lifetime.

Your photos are valuable things and should be treated as an investment.

[toggle group=”a3″ title=” How long has Tony Sale been a photographer and what’s your professional history?”
class=”toggle3″ titlebg=”#f5f5f5″ contentbg=”#f5f5f5″ title_color=”#111111″ ] I’ve been a professional photographer for over four years now, but I’ve been going about camera-in-hand for over thirty. Over that time I have photographed people, places and events throughout the world. I’ve had the perfect opportunity to develop my own personal style, hone essential photographic skills including composition and exposure and to appreciate fully the all important qualities of light – the essential element of any great photograph.
I set up my business in professional photography four years ago and did my degree in photography at the Cambridge School of Arts, subsequently studying digital imaging with the Open University. But I’ve got a BSc in psychology too which perhaps explains a lot about why my work seems to get it right for my clients.
• Tony Sale Photography is a specialist business, mainly covering wedding and portrait photography and also some commercial and photojournalist commissions. Continuous development and training are important to me and I have been mentored by some of the top photographers within the region and have also trained with some of the best photographers in Britain and the world.
[toggle group=”a3″ title=” Are you a member of any professional organisation?” class=”toggle3″ titlebg=”#f5f5f5″ contentbg=”#f5f5f5″ title_color=”#111111″ ] Yes, as a member of the Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers, I am committed to their rules and regulations.
[toggle group=”a3″ title=” How would you sum up your photographic style?”
class=”toggle3″ titlebg=”#f5f5f5″ contentbg=”#f5f5f5″ title_color=”#111111″ ] I think events and circumstances sometimes dictate or demand different approaches. In general though, I would describe my wedding photography as a mixture of a traditional and reportage style. Some traditional, more posed wedding and group shots are usually included, but reportage or documentary images are the primary focus.

I love to photograph people and truly convey the emotion and the personal detail of a wedding day or special event. My wedding photography provides a complete, sensitive and authentic record of your special day. I’ve received many lovely comments from my brides and their families. Read more >> Testimonials

[toggle group=”a3″ title=” Do you travel very far afield?”
class=”toggle3″ titlebg=”#f5f5f5″ contentbg=”#f5f5f5″ title_color=”#111111″ ] I’m based in Gosfield, near Halstead, in North Essex and work mainly in Essex, Suffolk, Hertfordshire and Cambridgeshire. That said, I’ve photographed weddings right across the country and it’s in my nature to go that extra mile! I charge reasonable travelling costs beyond my local area and would look to discuss this at the time of booking.
[toggle group=”a3″ title=” What is included in the price?”
class=”toggle3″ titlebg=”#f5f5f5″ contentbg=”#f5f5f5″ title_color=”#111111″ ] Tony Sale Photography offers a range of packages to suit all budgets. The full extent of what is included will depend on which package you choose.

The following framework is included as standard:
• Full consultation to discuss your photographic needs and aspirations. This can take place at your home, at the wedding venue or in any other suitable agreed venue.
• Cover through the day to the start of the wedding breakfast including:
o bridal preparation
o the arrival of the groom and guests
o the ceremony
o group shots
o personal photography time with just the bride and groom
• An unlimited number of photographs taken during our time with you.
• All images individually processed, colour balanced and toned to achieve finest possible photographs.
• DVD of images and full online viewing for you to make your selections.
Find out more about our Wedding Packages >>
[toggle group=”a3″ title=” How much deposit does Tony Sale Photography require to hold our wedding date?”
class=”toggle3″ titlebg=”#f5f5f5″ contentbg=”#f5f5f5″ title_color=”#111111″ ] Tony Sale Photography will only cover one wedding on any particular date. It’s all down to delivering the dedicated personal service of the highest quality. For this reason, a non-refundable deposit of 25% is required to reserve your date with final balance due at least 30 days prior to the wedding.
[toggle group=”a3″ title=” What is the best way to book Tony Sale Photography for our wedding?” class=”toggle3″ titlebg=”#f5f5f5″ contentbg=”#f5f5f5″ title_color=”#111111″ ] You’re welcome to contact me by phone, email or through the online contact form online contact form to check availability. Tony Sale Photography works on a first come first served basis: the first deposit we accept, reserves the date. Popular days like Saturdays do go quickly, so please be don’t delay in getting in touch to avoid disappointment.
[toggle group=”a3″ title=” Will Tony Sale be the actual photographer for our wedding?” class=”toggle3″ titlebg=”#f5f5f5″ contentbg=”#f5f5f5″ title_color=”#111111″ ] Yes, I will always be the main photographer at your wedding. On occasions where appropriate, it might be appropriate to be accompanied by a second photographer or an assistant but this would be discussed at the time of booking.

Tony Sale Photography will only cover one wedding on any particular date. It’s all down to delivering the dedicated personal service of the highest quality.
[toggle group=”a3″ title=” Do you have back-up equipment?” class=”toggle3″ titlebg=”#f5f5f5″ contentbg=”#f5f5f5″ title_color=”#111111″ ] Tony Sale Photography uses some of the very latest professional high quality Nikon cameras and lenses. These are extremely reliable and have never yet let me down yet. However, there is no way that chances would be taken with an event as important as your wedding.

A complete set of back up equipment is carried, including camera body, lenses and flash guns. All images are recorded onto high quality memory cards and once these are downloaded on to a computer ,they are backed up on to two separate hard drives and a third copy to DVD to ensure maximum security.
[toggle group=”a3″ title=” Do you have insurance?” class=”toggle3″ titlebg=”#f5f5f5″ contentbg=”#f5f5f5″ title_color=”#111111″ ] Absolutely. As a member of the Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers, I work fully in accordance with and committed to their rules and regulations for professionals. Tony Sale Photography has both Public Liability Insurance and Professional Indemnity Insurance.

Planning ahead for your special day

[toggle group=”a3″ title=” Can you just talk us through what happens on the run up to our wedding day?”
class=”toggle3″ titlebg=”#f5f5f5″ contentbg=”#f5f5f5″ title_color=”#111111″ ] Even before you’ve paid your deposit to secure the date, we would have had the chance to get to know each other a little. At the free consultation before you make your decision to invite Tony Sale Photography to capture your special day, you’d have had the chance to understand the quality, vibrancy and style of images on offer as well as to chat through your wishes: whether you’re looking for photographic coverage from the day’s early morning preparations all the way through to the arrival of guests at the evening reception, or perhaps just coverage of the ceremony and wedding breakfast.

When your date is firmly secured in the diary by your deposit payment, we both keep in contact as your plans progress and you may wish to make your selection from the collection of albums, books and photo products offered by Tony Sale Photography in advance of your busy time.

About 4 – 6 weeks before the big day, I’ll make a trip to the venues personally, visiting every place which will have its role to play, thinking through potential shot locations and lighting needs, talking to the venue organisers as appropriate about set up needs etc.

Around this time, we may meet up again as many couples take up the option of a pre-wedding photo-shoot at a venue of their choice. This is a great opportunity to get some relaxed shots for yourself before the wedding day and gives you a chance to get used to being in the limelight and be comfortable about being photographed.

Naturally there’s a call or two just before the day itself, to catch up on how things have been going and check on any last minute requirements or venue set-ups. On the day itself, Tony Sale Photography will be there for you, on time, on form and ready for you to relax and enjoy yourself.


[toggle group=”a3″ title=” So, what’s the best advice Tony Sale Photography can give us for the day?”
class=”toggle3″ titlebg=”#f5f5f5″ contentbg=”#f5f5f5″ title_color=”#111111″ ] Enjoy yourselves! You have probably saved hard, worked hard and waited a long time for this day – now is the time to relax and really enjoy it.

[toggle group=”a3″ title=” What happens if it rains?”
class=”toggle3″ titlebg=”#f5f5f5″ contentbg=”#f5f5f5″ title_color=”#111111″ ] Hey, it’s supposed to be good luck if it rains on your wedding day – in fact it rained when my wife and I got married! Rain will not be a problem when it comes to photographing your day. Tony Sale Photography has successfully captured many weddings when it has been raining, so you really don’t need to worry about this one.

In practice every wedding venue is visited personally prior to the big day and there is always a ‘wet weather plan’ already worked out. Actually there’s a plan whatever the weather – strong sunshine can be more of a challenge to a photographer than a bit of rain!
[toggle group=”a3″ title=” We’d love some group shots – but how many is about right?”
class=”toggle3″ titlebg=”#f5f5f5″ contentbg=”#f5f5f5″ title_color=”#111111″ ] It’s absolutely your choice and within the time constraints, I can photograph just as many or as few as you like. Based on experience though, I’d urge you to keep them to a minimum – perhaps no more than ten or so groups, (not including shots of the bride and groom of course!). Guests do tend to find waiting for long lists of group photographs frustrating. They often wander off, leaving someone to chase after them. Fewer group shots will also allow the capture of a more natural record of the day and that means you spend more time with your friends and family.

It often works well if you put together a short list of group shots beforehand and ensure that I have a copy as well as the Best Man, or another organised person. This will really help things to run smoothly on the day.

[toggle group=”a3″ title=” Do you recommend black & white or colour for wedding photography?”
class=”toggle3″ titlebg=”#f5f5f5″ contentbg=”#f5f5f5″ title_color=”#111111″ ] I love black and white for its timeless quality, but a mix of colour and black and white images will make for a truly stunning album.
[toggle group=”a3″ title=” If we book for the evening event, how long do you stay?”
class=”toggle3″ titlebg=”#f5f5f5″ contentbg=”#f5f5f5″ title_color=”#111111″ ] Any photography after the Wedding Breakfast is generally charged at an hourly rate and can be discussed at the time of booking. Often couples will want the first dance photographed and then the atmosphere of the evening can be captured within an hour or so. If there’s a particular part of the evening you’d like to record though, such as fireworks, then it really is no problem to stay longer.
[toggle group=”a3″ title=” What do you do about refreshments on the day?”
class=”toggle3″ titlebg=”#f5f5f5″ contentbg=”#f5f5f5″ title_color=”#111111″ ] Thanks for asking. As you might imagine, covering a wedding can mean a long day. A meal is only usually required for bookings which include the after dinner speeches and the first dance or evening celebrations. This would not be at the wedding breakfast with your guests – a simple main course or food and a non-alcoholic drink from the bar menu would be more than welcome.

Your Images

[toggle group=”a3″ title=” How soon can we expect to see the photographs and album from our wedding?”
class=”toggle3″ titlebg=”#f5f5f5″ contentbg=”#f5f5f5″ title_color=”#111111″ ]
Tony Sale Photography begins the post-production and image preparation of your photographs immediately after the big day. Typically an ‘online gallery’ and a CD of preview images will be available to you within two weeks. As your album will be handmade and crafted by our specialist partners, this will take a little longer. From experience, it should still be ready approximately two to three weeks after you have agreed your final selection.

[toggle group=”a3″ title=” Who selects our images for an album?”
class=”toggle3″ titlebg=”#f5f5f5″ contentbg=”#f5f5f5″ title_color=”#111111″ ] You do. It’s your choice entirely, but I’m happy to help if you like, by pointing you in the right direction and making suggestions to ensure the perfect album.

[toggle group=”a3″ title=” Do we get the original images on a disk?”
class=”toggle3″ titlebg=”#f5f5f5″ contentbg=”#f5f5f5″ title_color=”#111111″ ] The‘Digital Package’ includes this option. A disk is not included in other packages, but it can be purchased as an optional extra at a reasonable cost.
[toggle group=”a3″ title=” Do we have to collect our photographs / album?” class=”toggle3″ titlebg=”#f5f5f5″ contentbg=”#f5f5f5″ title_color=”#111111″ ] No, if you live locally they will be personally delivered by hand. Otherwise they will be sent in protective packaging via Royal Mail Special Delivery. This means they are fully insured and guaranteed to arrive anywhere in mainland UK the next day.

[toggle group=”a3″ title=” Who owns the copyright to the images that are created from our wedding?”
class=”toggle3″ titlebg=”#f5f5f5″ contentbg=”#f5f5f5″ title_color=”#111111″ ] In line with standard practice within the photographic industry, Tony Sale Photography will own the copyright to all images created. If a disk of high-resolution images is included as part of your package, or else purchased separately, you have a free unrestricted licence to print and duplicate photographs as you wish.