Rachel & Gary’s winter wedding in Bedford


It’s a little bit late in the day (middle of May) but Rachel and Gary were such a wonderful couple that I just had to blog about their wedding and show some of their wedding photographs.

I love being a wedding photographer and for me winter weddings are an absolute joy to photograph. Especially when, like this one, there is fresh deep snow on the ground, sparkling frost on the hedgerows and low bright winter sun bringing a warm golden glow to the day.


The wedding dress flowers and shoes


Beautiful wedding flowers in the snow
I started the day photographing Rachel at her home in Brickhill, Bedford; she was there together with her sister Charlotte who was her chief bridesmaid and her daughter Ellie who was also a bridesmaid. They were later joined by the other bridesmaids, Holly, Megan and Bethany.

There was some beautiful light around the house and we captured some wonderful portraits of everyone and some gorgeous detail shots of Rachel’s dress, shoes and flowers.
Bridesmaids dancing
Bridal preparation Brickhill Bedford

From there it was off to St Philips and St James Church where I met up with Gary and his best man Dave. Gary is a very keen amateur photographer who also loved to perform in front of the camera so we went off to get some fun shots playing in the snow and sitting in the local bus shelter along with all of the other bemused travellers waiting there.

The Groom and Best Man - St Philips and St James Church Brickhill
The bride arrives at St Philips and St James Church

The church was huge and I was able to walk around freely during the ceremony and photograph the wedding from a variety of different locations. It was a lovely service and made all the more so by the fact that Ellie kept going up and talking to her mum and tugging her arm.

The ceremony St Philips and St James Church Brickhill
Bride and groom showered in confetti
Bride and groom bathed in beautiful winter sun
Bride and groom stroll along by the river Great Ouse in Bedford

The reception was held at the Bedford Swan Hotel which is set right in the heart of Bedford on the river Great Ouse. It’s a fantastic hotel with lots of charm and character and there is also a wonderful footpath which runs alongside the river – it really is a stunning location.

Bride and groom enjoy some time out in the winter sun


Bride and groom enjoy the luxury of the Bedford Swan Hotel
Wedding Family Group photograph

Very occasionally some weddings have the speeches prior to the wedding breakfast and this was one of those weddings. I think it’s a great idea for those who get nervous doing speeches because at least they can do them and then relax and enjoy their meal. Also if the bride and groom have not booked the photographer to stay on into the evening they can at least get the speeches photographed before the photographer leaves. Which is just what I did!.

The wedding breakfast and speeches


Young bridesmaid checks her appearance


The river Great Ouse on a cold wintery day


Like I said right at the beginning Rachel and Gary are a wonderful couple and I thoroughly enjoyed spending the day with them and photographing their wedding.

I look forward to returning to Bedford anytime soon

If you are planning a Bedfordshire wedding then please do contact me to discuss your wedding photography.

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