Smeetham Hall Barn Wedding.

Back in February of this year I did a pre wedding shoot with Gemma McCoyd and Joe MacAndrews, both from Ipswich in Suffolk. That shoot took place in the public gardens in Halstead on what was a very cold, windy and showery day.

As I said back then I was due to photograph their wedding later in the year and now that time has finally arrived – well in fact it has been and gone. They actually got married in St Andrews church in Halstead on the 19th March followed by a reception at Smeetham Hall Barn near Sudbury in Suffolk.

This time the weather was completely different, there were blue skies, it was bright and warm and in fact it was probably about the sunniest day of the year so far.

Gemma likes to be different, she likes to stand out, be bold and make a statement and she certainly did this in her choice of bridesmaid dresses. There were three bridesmaids at the wedding, Louise, Jess and Katie and each wore a fluorescent colour of either, yellow, green or pink and the two young flower girls, Ruby and Tia wore bright orange. Also, just to make sure everyone saw them the bridal party walked the 300 – 400 yards from Gemma’s parents home to the church, this being along one of the busiest roads through the town. They looked absolutely fantastic, very spectacular and for part of it they actually walked in the road bringing any traffic to a standstill.

This was the first time I had photographed a wedding inside St Andrews church and I have to say it was beautiful, the décor was very grand and the lighting was fantastic for some excellent natural light wedding photography.

Following the wedding ceremony and a little bit more photography outside the church Gemma and Joe were driven to Smeetham Hall Barn in great style – in an old classic VW Camper Van.

It was at Smeetham Hall that we completed the formal group shots as well as some beautiful wedding portraits of the bride and groom.

Gemma and Joe are a fantastic couple and were a great pleasure to work with. I enjoyed photographing their pre wedding photo shoot and it was an absolute please to be an able to photograph their wedding.

I would just like to congratulate them once more on getting married and wish lots of luck and happiness and a long and successful life together.

Gemma & Joe’s Essex & Suffolk Wedding at Smeetham Hall Barn – a selection of images.

Bride has her make up done
Gemma had her wedding make up done at her mum and dads house in Halstead, the whole house was full of excitement and I have to say Gemma was beging to look pretty amazing already.
Groom with his (two) Best Men
Our happy groom Joe at St Andrews Church together with his (two) Best Men. All looking very handsome and happy as they await the arrival of the bride.
Groom with his 'mates' prior to his wedding.
Still in the grounds of St Andrews Church in Halstead Joe and the boys strut their stuff. I always find giving the guys something to do and having a bit of fun helps reduce any onset of nerves they may be having.
Bride, brides father and bridesmaids walk down the road to church
Wedding party stops the traffic – bridal party walks along the main road in Halstead Essex. Gemma and her bridesmaids look stunning as they make the short walk from bridal preparation to the church.
Bridal party walks to St Andrews Church Halstead in Essex
Gemma and her bridesmaids continue their walk to to St Andrews Church whilst people and vehicles stop to admire. I love black and white images.
Bride and bridesmaids - very colourful dresses
Bride and very colourful bridesmaids looking very sweet outside “Candy Corner”
Bridal party walk to church
Colouful bridal party – St Andrews church Halstead
Bride and her father enter the church
Beautiful moment as the bride and her father enter the church
Groom sees the bride for the first time
That exciting moment everybody is waiting for – the time the groom sees the bride for the first time at their wedding – glorious St Andrews church in Halstead
The wedding ceremony St Andrews church Halstead
The exchange of rings
Bride and groom only have eyes for each other
Bride and groom only have eyes for each other.
wedding photography - the bride and groom
Bride and groom enjoy the moment.
Wedding ceremony at St Andrews church in Halstead Essex
A lovely moment when the bride and groom enjoy a special moment bewtween themselves and their bridesmaids.
'Married couple' sign the register
Signing the register two mums two witnesses
bride and groom kneel at the alter
I love this shot looking up the Aisle towards the bride and groom. Wedding ceremony at the beautiful St Andrews church in Halstead Essex
Bride and groom kneel at the alter
Wedding photography Halstead in Essex – the wedding ceremony
The wedding procession
The wedding procession – as the bride and groom leave the church
Bride and groom leave in a camper van
‘Very cool’ bride and groom leave their wedding in a camper van
Bride and groom with friends - formal group photograph
Wedding photography Smeetham Hall Barn – formal group shots in gorgeous sunlight
bride and groom walk through the grounds
Wedding photography Suffolk – Bride and groom stroll across the lawn at Smeetham Hall Barn
Artistic photograph of the bride
Wedding photography – portrait of the bride.
Bride and groom in a romantic embrace
Bride and groom enjoy a romantic embrace – Smeetham Hall Barn
bride sheds a tear during her fathers speech
Bride sheds a tear during her fathers speech
A toast 'to the bride and groom'
A toast ‘to the bride and groom’
Wedding photography Smeetham Hall Barn - Sudbury Suffolk
The ceremony is over, the feasting and fun have begun – it’s time for me to leave but not without congratulating the bride and groom just once more and wishing them a long and happy life together.

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Wedding Photography – Halstead and Smeetham Hall Barn
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