“Life is like a balloon if you never let yourself go, you’ll never know how far you can rise”

This is my latest offering in the image of the week category. It was taken at wedding last year in the north Essex village of Fyfield. There were a hundred red balloons in the church during the ceremony most of which were released outside afterwards. Some however were kept back to be taken on to the reception which was held in a huge marquee in the bride’s mother’s beautiful garden.

It was the responsibility of the three bridesmaids to take the balloons and I just happen to follow one of them as she crossed this bridge. I love this shot, I love the way the balloons are backlit by the sun and I love the shadow that is cast on the ground. It was right place right time and I had about 10 seconds to take the shot.

You can see the other two bridesmaids further ahead each with their own balloon collection.


Wedding Balloons_Tony Sale Photography

Wedding Balloons
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