Young Boy and his Grandad at Braxted Park.

This was another image taken whilst assisting photographer Andy Griffin photographing a wedding at Braxted Park last summer. Why have chosen it as my image of the week?  Well I don’t think that requires too much explanation, I think the image it speaks for itself in volumes.

What the relationship is between the little boy and the older man I don’t really know but I suspect that he is his grandad or else some other close family relative or friend. The boy certainly seems to show him a great deal of admiration and respect. He is very comfortable in his company and also fascinated in what he has to say. As I observed the boy was eager to keep the conversation going and listened intently as his ‘grandfather’ spoke.

I think it’s a great image, I hope you do too; please feel free to comment in the box below.



interaction between a boy and his grandfather


Wedding at Braxted Park – Image of the Week
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