Wedding Photography Training in Braintree.

You never stop learning as a photographer. (I was going to say never stop ‘developing’ but that may have seemed a bit corny).Even though I have a degree in photography, as a professional wedding and portrait photographer it’s very important for me to continue my training. To develop and practice new skills and to experiment and practice with fresh ideas. This not only ensures I develop as a photographer (ah! ‘develop’ I’ve said it now) but also ensures I stay ahead of the competition and continually improve upon the service I provide to mycustomers.

I recently completed a two day advanced wedding course run by Braintree photographer Jeff Turnbull. ( was a full on two days and I have to say I was pretty exhausted by the end of it, as were most of the other participants. There was a lot of very useful front loading and interactive input from Jeff, it was also extremely useful to network and share experiences with the other students.The highlight though had to be the ‘shoot’, Jeff arranged two excellent models, Nezda and Anthony and we spent a whole afternoon photographing them at a local wedding venue, Prested Hall.

Here are some of my shots below.

tony_sale_braintree_wedding_photographer02 tony_sale_braintree_wedding_photographer03 tony_sale_braintree_wedding_photographer04 tony_sale_braintree_wedding_photographer05 tony_sale_braintree_wedding_photographer06 tony_sale_braintree_wedding_photographer07 tony_sale_braintree_wedding_photographer08 tony_sale_braintree_wedding_photographer09 tony_sale_braintree_wedding_photographer10 tony_sale_braintree_wedding_photographer11 tony_sale_braintree_wedding_photographer012 tony_sale_braintree_wedding_photographer12 tony_sale_braintree_wedding_photographer13 tony_sale_braintree_wedding_photographer14 tony_sale_braintree_wedding_photographer15 tony_sale_braintree_wedding_photographer16 tony_sale_braintree_wedding_photographer17 tony_sale_braintree_wedding_photographer18 tony_sale_braintree_wedding_photographer19 tony_sale_braintree_wedding_photographer20 tony_sale_braintree_wedding_photographer21

Advanced Wedding Photography Training.

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