Pre Wedding Photo Shoot in Halstead Essex

Later on this year I will be photographing the wedding of Gemma and Joe a really nice really cool couple living in Ipswich. In preparation for that and as part of my wedding photography services we recently completed a pre wedding photo shoot. This was a great opportunity for the three of to get to know each other and for them to feel relaxed in my company and more importantly in front of the camera.

We actually did the session last Saturday 5th February in the public gardens in the charming rural town of Halstead in north Essex. I don’t know if you remember that weekend but it was incredibly windy, it was quite cold and it was threatening rain. We did think about doing an inside studio shoot, but decided outside was best and that we should brave the elements.

I’m really pleased we did, it was great fun. The public gardens were actually quite sheltered so the wind was not too much of a problem. Gemma and Joe were totally relaxed (on the outside at least) and we had an excellent time moving around to different locations and capturing some terrific shots.

There wedding will be in St Andrews church in Halstead followed by a reception at Smeetham Hall Barn in Sudbury Suffolk, I’m very much looking forward to photographing the big day itself.



Gemma & Joe’s Pre Wedding Photo Shoot In Halstead (Selected images)

Young couple on pre wedding photography shoot
Pre Wedding Photo Shoot Halstead

Pre wedding photo shoot Halstead in Essex

Young couple by tree in Halstead

Young couple on the swings - pre wedding photo shoot

Pre wedding photo shoot Halstead public gardens

Wedding photography Essex young couple pose in Halstead public gardens

Young couple in love

Pre wedding photography - young couple in love

Essex wedding photography young couple in Halstead public gardens

Engagement photography Halstead

Bride and groom to be

Photograph of bride to be

Photograph of groom to be

Couple in love - Essex wedding photography

Happy couple pre wedding photography
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Pre wedding photo shoot – Halstead in Essex
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