Liz & Ollie pre wedding photo shoot

Wow! What a great evening it was photographing Liz and Ollie on their pre wedding photo shoot, they are such a cool couple.

Liz and Ollie come from Ipswich in Suffolk so when we first met up to discuss their wedding photography we met up at a pub in Colchester mid-way between our two homes. In fact we met at Balkerne Gate (once I found it) – nice pub!

Pre wedding photo shoot with Liz & Ollie


Once we got talking it turned out to be quite amazing at just what a small world it is. I started by showing them a  slide show of one of my previous weddings, Jade & Dave who were married in Long Melford.  As soon as Liz started watching it she told me that she knew Jade and that they actually used to work together at a dental practice in Sudbury.

It also turned out, as the conversation progressed, that some months previously I had met Liz’s dad and that he had in fact booked me to photograph his wedding.


Backlit portrait


Engagement shoot with Liz & Ollie


Neither Jade nor Liz’s dad had mentioned me to them, small world eh! (I have in fact recently shown the Jade and Dave slide show to someone else who also recognised and used to work with Jade and as it turns out also knows Liz).


Male portrait - Castle Park


Liz & Ollie photo shoot in Colchester


Location portraits


Castle Park Colchester - portrait photography


Young couple in love - pre wedding photo shoot


Gorgeous outdoor portrait in Castle Park


Cool portrait of Ollie in Castle Park  Colchester


Stunning portrait Castle Park


Liz & Ollie take time out


Liz and Ollie enjoy the beautiful gardens in Castle Park


Liz and Ollie walk through Castle Park


Portrait photography Castle Park

It's just a walk in the park_Tony Sale Photography

Ah! rest your head Liz take it easy!

On Balance I think Ollie is going to fall off

Liz rocking it

Anyway, back to the pre wedding photo shoot. We met up at Castle Park in Colchester and just had a walk around stopping and taking photos in various locations / settings. As you can see they both looked pretty cool, they were relaxed and willing to try anything and as you can see we got some brilliant photos.


Having fun!

A photographic portrait of Liz and Ollie in Castle Park

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Pre wedding photo shoot – Colchester
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