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Pre wedding photoshoot with Emma Andrew


Emma and Andrew are a fantastic couple who live in Sible Hedingham north Essex. Their plan is to get married at St Nicholas’s church in nearby Castle Hedingham and then hold their wedding reception at Hedingham Castle. A large fine Norman castle built by Aubrey de Vere ll in 1140. (impressive eh!).

We thought therefore it would be a great fun to do the pre wedding photo shoot in the village of Castle Hedingham and that’s exactly what we did one bright sunny Saturday morning back in April.

North Essex in general is a beautiful rural area; a great place to take photographs and Castle Hedingham is absolutely delightful, a jewel in the crown and one of my favourite villages in the area. (I would fully recommend a visit).

Emma and Andrew were fantastic to work with; they were both relaxed, open and willing to try anything. We shot for about an hour and got some fantastic photographs, I have reproduced a few of these below.

I can’t wait to photograph their wedding!


male portrait
Male portrait – Pre wedding photo shoot – Castle Hedingham North Essex
Fashion portrait
Fashion portrait – pre wedding photo shoot in Essex
Male portrait - Essex photography
A fashion look for a cool groom to be – pre wedding photo shoot Castle Hedingham north Essex
fashion portrait
A fashion look for a cool bride to be – Essex wedding photography
Beautiful girl portrait
Beautiful black and white portrait
Loving couple - Tony Sale wedding photography
loving couple – Essex wedding and portrait photography
Young couple in love
loving couple, Castle Hedingham Essex
Loving couple kissing - pre wedding photo shoot
Pre wedding photo shoot – Tony Sale portrait and wedding photography
pre wedding photo shoot - essex wedding photographer
Pre wedding photo shoot – the bride and groom to be
So in love - wedding and portrait photography Hedingham Essex
Beautiful portrait of the young couple in love
Portrait of a young couple sitting amongst the flowers
Sitting amongst the flowers on a pre wedding photo shoot in Castle Hedingham Essex
Young couple in love - only have eyes for each other
‘I only have eyes for you’ (By Tony Sale Essex based portrait and wedding photographer)
Engagement  photography Essex
Engagement photography Essex
Black and white portrait of a romantic couple
Black and white photograph from the pre wedding photography shoot
A loving embrace
A romantic, loving and caring hug

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Pre wedding photo shoot – Castle Hedingham, Essex
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