If you read my blog post Portrait Photography – Nikki (part 1) then you will know I spent an excellent few days training with Denton Photography up in Beverley in East Yorkshire, or the East Riding of Yorkshirs as they also like to call it. In that post I did say there would be a part two and well, without further ado, here it is.

Some of these shots’ as previously, have been taken outside with a careful mix of ambient light and flash to bring out the drama of the scene / sky.

Others have been taken in the studio using a variety of lighting and posing techniques. I love the images of Nikki in the red hooded top, hence probably why there is quite a few of them. I couldn’t decide if she looked more, ‘Lady in Red’ or ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ or maybe that should be ‘Little East Riding Hood’ (Terrible I know, sorry about that but couldn’t resist it).


Model portfolio photography

Portfolio photography

Dramatic portrait

Dramatic modeling portfolio

Dramatic lighting portrait photography

Gorgeous model portrait

Nikki Hafter by Tony Sale Photography

Photograph of a Gorgeous model

Lady in Red

Sexy lady in red

Stunning lady in red

Little red ridding hood

Nikki Hafter - Beautiful eyes

Fashion Portrait

Gorgeous fashion model

Fashion edged portrait photography

Model Nikki Hafter

Model Nikki Hafter posing in the studio

Studio fashion portraits

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Portrait Photography with Nikki (part 2)
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