Beautiful Portrait Photography.

I love to photograph people, whether they are formal portraits, family portraits or candid portraits at a wedding.

There’s no doubt about it, many guests at weddings spend a long thinking about and planning what they are going to wear. Then on the day of the wedding they spend a long time and are very particular about getting ready, savouring every moment (well maybe not all but most do).

The result is they look fantastic, perhaps the best they will ever look, (except perhaps when they get married themselves). Trust me I have photographed many many weddings and people look fantastic, the men and the ladies alike.

I usually take candid natural looking portraits but occasionally will also take some  control and add a little direction before taking the shot

Gorgeous Natural Light PortraitStunning natural light portrait of a wedding guest at Pontlands Park in Essex

To find out more about my wedding or portrait photography then please do get in touch, telephone 01787 474923 or use the ‘contact form here’.

Portrait Photography & Wedding Guests

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