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I recently spent a few days training with photographer John Denton and his wife Liz at their studios near Beverley in East Yorkshire. What an excellent weekend it was, the Saturday and Sunday were both full days of shooting with two different models booked by John and on the Monday was an excellent and informative / interactive input from with Liz on the business and marketing and more importantly branding side of the photography business.

The studio’s is situated on a farm in a beautiful rural part of the county it has access to a traditional indoor studio but also has a plethora of shooting locations / opportunities around the farm itself.

The training was on a one to one basis and so was tailored directly to my needs, I was specifically looking to develop the areas of lighting and posing and as it was we worked on a multitude of scenarios, including daylight, studio, indoor, outdoors and night time.

I got so many great shots over the two days that I have decided to divide them up over a number of blog posts.

These shots are from the first day and include the first images of our model Nikki, there will be more to follow.


 natural light portrait

Model Photography

Stunning portrait

Creative model photography

model photography creative lighting

Stunning model photography

Beautiful girl standing by a a gate

Beautifully lit model portrait

stuning portrait

Beautifully lit female portrait


Nikki an amazing portrait

Gorgeous low key portrait

Beautiful low ket portrait of a young woman

Amazing eye contact from a beautiful young woman

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Portrait Photography – Nikki (part 1)
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4 thoughts on “Portrait Photography – Nikki (part 1)

  • at 9:51 pm

    Your company was a pleasure my friend and love the gate images in particular.

    • at 11:58 am

      Thanks John, they’re my favourites too, though it did take a while to clone out all the pylons and power lines. Maybe they could put them underground!

    • at 12:10 pm

      Thanks Maria, just had a look at your web site, you have some wonderful images, very impresed!


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