Family Portrait Photography

A few months back I did a family portrait shoot with Sarah and Leigh together with their baby daughter, Olivia. They are a great looking family and were brilliant to work with in the studio. They were keen to try out most things and were very quick to settle down and feel at ease. Olivia was not only a gorgeous little girl she was also very well behaved throughout.

They actually came to me as a result of a portrait voucher one of my previous portrait clients had bought them as gift. It always a nice feeling when people come to me as a result of a recommendation.

When I’m working with people in the studio I like to do a nice mix of shots to give them plenty of choice, there will usually be some shots of everyone together, as well as individual shots and then smaller groups such as shot of just the children or just the parents etc.

Sarah & Leigh are planning to get married sometime soon and it would be a real pleasure to photograph their wedding…(I hope they ask me!)

If you would like to book a portrait photography session or find out further information then please give me a call 01787 474923 or use the contact form now!

Studio Family Portrait  Photography Halstead Essex

Family group Photography Halstead

Family Portrait Photography Halstead Essex

Family Portrait Photography Gosfield Essex

Family and BabyPortrait Photography Braintree

Portrait Photography Braintree Essex

Portrait Photography Halstead Essex

Posing couples for portrait photography Halstead

Portrait Photography Essex

Beautiful Portrait Photography Braintree Essex

Low key portrait photography Halstead

Baby and children portrait photography Halstead Essex


Portrait Photography in Halstead

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