Portrait Photography Essex.

When we think of a photographic portrait we tend to think of a formal head shot or perhaps a head and shoulders portrait taken in a studio.

OK, maybe that’s a bit restrictive, perhaps nowadays we think a bit wider than that, maybe the photos are taken outside, maybe there’s a whole family and maybe people are jumping around having fun.

However you can also have something a little bit more personal, something which says a little bit more, something which tells the viewer a little bit more about who you are and what inspires you.

How about having a formal / semi-formal portrait taken as you go about your work or occupation, or as you are actively engaged in your favourite past time or hobby. Without a doubt capturing a hobby or an interest creates a more meaningful image.

The great thing about this type of portrait is that there is little requirement for formal posing, you can be actively engaged in doing something you love rather than, ‘smiling at the camera’. Perhaps more importantly you can make a personal record for posterity, when future generations look at the photograph they will know something more about you, not just what you look like.

Create something special …………….

Metal detecting fund raising eventThis man loves metal detecting, he does it most weekends throughout the year and all accross the country. It’s part of who he is and that is clearly captured in this portrait.

If you would like more information about portrait photography with Tony Sale Photography then do get in touch, phone 01787 474923 or else use the contact form.

Portrait Photography Essex

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