Images from my visit to ‘Photo London’.


As a photographer I am always looking to improve in whatever way I can so as to take better and better images.

I may do this by keeping up to date with current styles and developments and also by getting out and practicing different lighting and posing techniques. However I think it’s also important to get out, look at and be inspired by other photographers work, whatever their genre.

I did this most recently with a trip to ‘Photo London’ a plethora of exhibitions and gallery displays at Somerset House on The Strand. I was also fortunate enough to attend a live interview with renowned documentary and war photographer Don McCullin which was truly excellent.

I had an absolutely fantastic day, I’m not sure ‘I got’ or liked everything I saw but it truly was inspirational to look at the sheer breadth and quality of genres, styles, mediums, interpretations etc etc. on display.

I very much enjoyed looking around the many galleries that were present and of course looking at the work of individual artists / photographers that those galleries represented. but I also like to watch the interaction of other visitors and their engagement with the event, I have included some of my images below.



Photo London _Tony Sale Photography_001


Photo London _Tony Sale Photography_002


Photo London _Tony Sale Photography_003


Photo London _Tony Sale Photography_004


Photo London _Tony Sale Photography_005


Photo London _Tony Sale Photography_006


Photo London _Tony Sale Photography_007


Photo London _Tony Sale Photography_008


Photo London _Tony Sale Photography_009


Photo London _Tony Sale Photography_010


Photo London _Tony Sale Photography_011


Photo London _Tony Sale Photography_012


Photo London _Tony Sale Photography_013


Photo London _Tony Sale Photography_014

Photo London – my images from the day

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