Low light Photography – London

A few weeks back I went up to London with my friend and photographer buddy Jeff Turnbull. It was a day away, a chance to have a bite to eat, catch up, go to a gallery, and take a few photos around London etc. without the pressure of a normal shoot.

We didn’t set off until about 1100 AM at which we drove down to Redbridge and caught the tube up to Charring Cross, arriving about lunch time, (anytime is lunchtime for Jeff).

The Green Man Public House – Gosfield Essex

HDR composite image inside The Green Man

I am a big fan of low light / night time photography, if you follow my blog and you will have seen a number of examples in some of my previous work, such as London at Night. I also love to dabble and experiment in different High Dynamic Range (HDR) techniques and so decided to undertake a project combining the two. I also bought some photo compositing in to the mix, combining elements from two or more different photos.

A Beautiful Rose

I love photographing flowers, either growing wild, or growing in formal gardens or informal gardens or even occasionally photographing them in the studio. In fact you may have seen my post a few weeks back of some daffodils which were photographed in my studio, have a look now if you didn’t see them.

This year we had some beautiful pink roses growing in our garden at home and I decided to pick a few and give then the studio treatment.

London 2012 Olympic Park

London 2012 _ Olympic Stadium at Night

My wife (Kate) and I have been trying desperately to get some Olympic event tickets for both the Olympics and the Para Olympics but with no joy whatsoever. Well not in our price range anyway, we were set on getting tickets for events in the Olympic Stadium because it was really there that we wanted to experience the Olympic atmosphere. We did apply online for two tickets priced at £150 each which to our surprise seemed to be accepted

Snail Art

Yellow banded snail_Tony Sale Photography

Whilst out digging in my back Garden in sunny Gosfield a few days ago I came across a small group of snails with very brightly coloured yellow shells. A quick check on Google confirmed them to be ‘banded snails, members of the Helicidae family.

Anyway the shells of these snails had such striking textures, patterns and colours I thought it would be fun to photograph them. I actually put them in to an old tea cup, to stop them escaping

Little baby duckling – so so cute!

Little baby duckling – so so cute!

I was out on another one of my walks with Bo, our family dog, the other day when I saw these lovely little baby ducklings in our local nature reserve. I decided they looked so cute that I ought to photograph them and show some pic’s on my blog / personal work page.

So the next day I took my camera with me to get some shots, but, I have to tell you Bo is a very lively Cockapoo



I go out to walk our family dog (BO) every day and over the past few weeks couldn’t help but notice the abundance of beautiful bright yellow daffodils just about everywhere. I love it when the daffs come out, not only does it means spring is here but it gives a great splash of colour to both my wedding photography and portrait photography.

I have often thought (well actually – not often but occasionally) that I would like to photograph a daffodil

Cool dude with his cool dog

Here are a few photo’s I took on a skiing holiday a couple of years back. These two were really cool (talk about owners looking like their dogs). They actually used to ski around the piste like this, though unfortunately I never managed to catch them /photograph them doing so.

Feel free to comment and let me know what you think.

London at Night – By Essex Photographer Tony Sale

Hi and welcome to my first post in my ‘Personal work’ section. This section is similar to my blog in that it’s intended to showcase some of my work. The difference is this will show some of my personal work, images that I have taken for myself / for pleasure – just for fun – rather than images taken professionally.

I’m going to kick off with these images taken a few months back