Nikon 16mm 2.8D

I recently purchased a fantastic wide angle lens, the Nikon 16mm 2.8D. This is a really super lens with a fantastic 180 degree front field of view. You can almost see your own ears it’s so wide! Ok I’m only joking but it is seriously good and I look forward to using it at some forthcoming weddings. In the meantime here are a few shots I took out and about around my home village of Gosfield.

Snail Art

Yellow banded snail_Tony Sale Photography

Whilst out digging in my back Garden in sunny Gosfield a few days ago I came across a small group of snails with very brightly coloured yellow shells. A quick check on Google confirmed them to be ‘banded snails, members of the Helicidae family.

Anyway the shells of these snails had such striking textures, patterns and colours I thought it would be fun to photograph them. I actually put them in to an old tea cup, to stop them escaping