Wow! This summer I saw fields full of fantastic poppies just begging to be photographed, so hey guess what that’s just what I did.

They were beautiful flowers, bright red against a deep blue sky, majestic but somehow also lonely and fragile – maybe even vulnerable. Certainly vulnerable to the elements.

I decided to give them a fine art look and I have produced a selection of them below.

Of course photographing and thinking about poppies, especially in November, made me reflect on how symbolic they are

A Beautiful Rose

I love photographing flowers, either growing wild, or growing in formal gardens or informal gardens or even occasionally photographing them in the studio. In fact you may have seen my post a few weeks back of some daffodils which were photographed in my studio, have a look now if you didn’t see them.

This year we had some beautiful pink roses growing in our garden at home and I decided to pick a few and give then the studio treatment.



I go out to walk our family dog (BO) every day and over the past few weeks couldn’t help but notice the abundance of beautiful bright yellow daffodils just about everywhere. I love it when the daffs come out, not only does it means spring is here but it gives a great splash of colour to both my wedding photography and portrait photography.

I have often thought (well actually – not often but occasionally) that I would like to photograph a daffodil