Cheshire Wedding Photography at Alsager Golf Club.

Every picture tells a story.

This was so funny! It happened last summer when I was photographing a wedding at the Alsager Golf Club.

It had come time to photographing the formal group shots, posing people in front of a beautiful green hedge and with a luxury bowling lawn behind me.

I wasn’t really taking too much notice of what was going on behind but clearly this little girl, daughter of one of the bridesmaids, was. Perhaps fascinated by the pristine cut of the fresh green lawn and the smooth shine of the bowling balls.. She was off!

First of all she just wandered up to me and as I was balanced on a stool at the timeI was a little concerned in case she knocked me off… but oh no she had better plans.

Mum did a great job in chasing after her, and everyone just fell silent and watched the wedding guests and the bowls players alike. She was heading straight for the balls.

Mum got there just in time, to a rapturous round of applause and cheers.

Wonderful little girl, wonderful wedding.



Wedding Photography_Alsager Golf Club_01

Wedding Photography_Alsager Golf Club_02

Wedding Photography_Alsager Golf Club_03

Wedding Photography_Alsager Golf Club_04

Wedding Photography_Alsager Golf Club_05

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