The beauty and splendour of natural window light.

Last weekend I visited Kentwell Hall in Long Melford Suffolk, it was one of their re-enactment days, a May Day celebration when they were all dressed and acting in a Tudor style, or as ‘Kentwell’ put it, ‘visitors immerse themselves in the sights, sounds and smells of the 16th Century’

It really was a great atmosphere and a wonderful day, but I guess what impressed me the most, as a photographer, was the sheer quality of the light that was produced inside the house. Combined with the costumes of the day worn by many of the participants it allowed me to capture some wonderful photographs which to me and many others who have seen them look like paintings from some of the old masters.

The beauty and splendour of natural, directional, window light.

See what you think.

The Tudors at Kentwell _Tony Sale Photography

The Tudors - re-enactment at Kentwell Hall

Kentwell Hall _Tony Sale Photography

If you have never been to Kentwell Hall then I can definitely recommend a visit.

Natural Light Photography – Kentwell Hall

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