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In my last blog post portrait photography with Nikki (part 1) I told you about the excellent few days I had spent training with John and Liz Denton at their studios near Beverley in East Yorkshire. Well, Nikki was our model for the first day, on the second day we photographed Caroline Spalding, a wee Scottish lass with a lovely Scottish accent.

The training was focused on lighting and posing two extremely important elements in creating exciting, impactive, quality photographs, indeed without light there would be no photograph at all.

John certainly has a keen eye for seeing the light and for teaching others to see and use it creatively. We worked on a number of different set ups throughout the day, using pockets of light in open doorways, using portable lighting and blending it with the ambient light in outdoor scenarios and working with a number of different lighting set ups in a studio environment, all the time posing Caroline sympathetically with her outfit and the particular lighting style.

To finish the day off we took a trip in to Hull (Ooo er! exciting! never been there before!) and again created some fascinating images making creative use of lighting from the power station and from the city lights.

As before I got so many great shots that I have decided to divide them up over a number of blog posts. These are a selection of photos of Caroline, there will be more to follow.

I love the photo’s in the red and white spotted dress, taken with ring flash in the studio.

Special thanks to John Denton and Caroline Spalding

portrait of a pretty woman


Dynamic portrait

Dramatic portrait


Dramatic portrait


Dark and moody portrait


Dramatic & moody portrait of Caroline


Fashion portrait


Fashion portrait


Stylish fashion


Red dress fashion photo


Gorgeous woman posing in a red dress


Photo of a stunning woman in a red dress


Close up portrait


Modern arty style portrait

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Model / Portrait Photography with Caroline (part 1)
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