Prested Hall Wedding.

Prested Hall is a beautiful wedding venue, an old manor house situated in parklands near the north Essex towns of Kelvedon and Feering and just a very short drive from the main A12. It’s here that I photographed the wedding of Michelle and Matthew on a bright but showery April day.

I did a blog post some time back with details of Michelle and Matthew’s pre wedding photo shoot, you can see it here.  I remember we had to postpone it it a few times due to inclement weather and in the end we opted for a studio shoot, where they had a great time and we captured some wonderful and memorable images.

Bridal prep

The groom contemplated the wonderful day ahead

Taking photographs of the groom around the premises

It seemed a bit unfair therefore that it should have been raining again on their wedding day, though it was only showery and they did manage to get outside on a number of occasions.

Actually I’m not really sure why I said it seemed a bit unfair, some people say it’s supposed to be lucky if it rains on your wedding day.

In fact many cultures believe that rain on your wedding day is good luck. In the Hindu tradition rain on the wedding day is considered lucky, as it is believed to foretell a strong marriage. The logic behind this belief is that a wet knot is more difficult to untie. (Getting married is often referred to as “tying the knot.”) So if it rains on your wedding day you will have a long, happy marriage.

Rain is also believed to be a symbol of fortune and abundance, which falls generously on the bride and groom. It brings good wishes and washes away all the couple’s troubles and woes. It also means you will be blessed with fertility and have many children because rain is what replenishes reservoirs and sustains crops. (

Bride posing by the window

Bride and bridesmaids all looking very beautiful

Prested Hall Wedding_006


Prested Hall Wedding_007

I started the day photographing Michelle and her bridesmaids, Karen, Sarah and Kelly who were all getting ready in the bridal suite. They seemed to be having a lot of fun helping each other to get ready they also all seemed pretty relaxed – maybe the bottle of bubbly I spied on the side table helped!

From there I spent some time with Matthew who was also fairly relaxed as we shot some portraits both in the lobby and around the building and gardens.


Prested Hall Wedding_008


Prested Hall Wedding_009


Prested Hall Wedding_010


Bride and groom head out into the garden


portrait of the bride and groom


The bride poses for some photos


Beautiful bride posing in front of a tree


The bride with her dad


Three gorgeous bridesmaids


Happy couple very much in love

The ceremony went extremely well, as did the whole day. They were a fantastic, good looking, couple, who were just clearly so much in love they just couldn’t take their eyes off each other most of the day. They were also perfect hosts too and took time out to spend with each of their guests.


The bride and groom are applauded into the wedding breakfast


The bride and her dad enjoy a special moment during the wedding breakfast


Bride and bridesmaid on return from a secret mission


Groom chats to guests

I had a fantastic time photographing Michelle and Matthew’s wedding and managed to capture what seemed to be all of the significant moments and emotions of the day. These were edited and subsequently presented in a Luxury Bellissimo wedding album, which I know they just loved!




The bride and groom spend some romantic time together


Stunning bride stunning sky!


B&W bride and groom on the bridge with Prested Hall behind


Bride and groom enjoy the first dance together


Guests light up the night with sparklers

Guest form a line up of sparklers as the bride and groom shine through

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Michelle & Matthew’s Wedding at Prested Hall

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