Bruges at Night


My wife, Kate, and I went to Bruges to celebrate our 25th weddings anniversary, it was the first time we had ever been there and we thought it was beautiful.

Bruges is situated in the Flemish region and is also the largest city and capital of Belgium. Along with a few other canal based cities such as Amsterdam it is sometimes referred to as ‘The Venice of the North’

I also understand it also has significant economic importance, thanks to its port and at one time it was the ‘chief commercial city of the world. It is certainly a very beautiful and very lively city with some wonderful local food.

Being a very historic city with lots of magnificent old buildings and numerous canals then you can imagine it is also a photographer’s paradise.

My profession is primarily as a wedding and portrait photographer but you will also know, if you read my blog, I have a passion for low light photography. Bruges presented some great opportunities for this and I have produced a few images below.

Hope you like them, let me know what think.

A photograph of Bruges taken at night

The Belfry of Bruges photographed at night and reflecting in the water.

Bruges at night_Tony Sale Photography_03

Low light photography – Bruges
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2 thoughts on “Low light photography – Bruges

  • at 7:00 pm

    I like the photos Tony, especially the one with the tower on the right and the greenery centre left. I’m guessing you used the lighting that was already there – but to really good effect.

  • at 12:22 am

    Hey thanks Peter pleased you like them, that’s one of my favourites too. Yes it’s all ambient lighting nothing added by me, mainly flood light directed at the building, camera on a tripod and a couple of seconds exposure.


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