I was out on another one of my walks with Bo, our family dog, the other day when I saw these lovely little baby ducklings in our local nature reserve. I decided they looked so cute that I ought to photograph them and show some pic’s on my blog / personal work page.

So the next day I took my camera with me to get some shots, but, I have to tell you Bo is a very lively Cockapoo who constantly kept running in front of me or over me whilst I was trying to take some photo’s and those little ducklings are so small and yet move so fast that it turned out to be a lot tougher than I thought it would be.

However I think I got some pretty cute shots including some of a very protective mum. I have put a selection of them below.

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Baby Duckling

Cute Duckling


very cute duckling


Baby duckling


Duck in Gosfield nature reserve

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Little baby duckling – so so cute!

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