The amazing wedding of Penny and Garry at Leez Priory

Leez Priory has to be one of the most prestigious wedding venues across the whole of Essex. It’s a stately Tudor mansion set in 40 acres of beautiful parkland and boasts a truly imposing presence. Leez Priory also has over twenty five years’ experience in providing perfect wedding services.

Leez Priory_Tony Sale Photography
Penny and Garry’s Masquerade themed wedding at Leez Priory in Essex.

It’s always a great pleasure therefore for me to photograph a Leez Priory wedding, but that pleasure was even greater when the bride and groom were Penny and Garry. Why? I hear you ask; Well, although I don’t  know them well I have known them for a number of years, mainly through Penny’s parents, Dave and Carol and they have always seemed very nice,  friendly,  very happy and  well suited. What more I have always enjoyed their company.

I did in fact photograph Penny and Garry about a year prior to their wedding day at an event at the Colne Valley Golf Club. Gary later told me that they were so impressed at how amazing those photographs looked that they just had to book me to photograph their wedding.

The wedding was just before Christmas and Leez Priory looked wonderful decked out with Christmas lights, trees and decorations.  But, no matter how good the venue looked I’m afraid it was no match for the bride and groom, Penny and Garry, they looked stunning, truly amazing! The wedding had a masquerade theme, with everyone dressed in fine clothes or costumes and wearing traditional masquerade masks in a wonderful assortment of colours and styles.

The day was blessed with fine weather, pleasantly warm and with some bright winter sun.

The wedding was a sheer delight to photograph, I have produced a slide show of images below – enjoy!


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Leez Priory Wedding Photography
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