Prom photos of Jess & Holly


Back in the summer I was asked to take some prom photos of Jess and Holly, both school friends in Braintree who were going to their end of year prom at Tabor School.

Rather than go to the school itself I met up with them at home, well Holly’s home, where they had both planned on getting ready.

Like many young ladies going to proms they had put a lot of care, time and detail into getting ready. Had there hair done, make up applied and had chosen two particularly stunning prom dresses.  I have to say they both looked absolutely fantastic and I think their parents were right to use the opportunity to have some professional photographs taken.

The weather that day was nothing special, in fact it was a bit dull and cloudy and I’m pretty sure it had been raining. None the less a little bit of supplementary lighting (some off camera flash) soon rectified that.

We used a few items of outdoor furniture as props and set up some great photos in the back garden.

I know both Jess & Holly as well as their parents have been extremely pleased with the final images and I have reproduced a few of them below.


Prom Photography Braintree

Holly poses in her prom dress in the garden

Prom Photography Braintree

Prom portraits Braintree

Three poses of girl in a prom dress

Stylish Prom Photography Braintree

stunning prom dress

Braintree Prom

Holly strikes three great poses in her prom dress

Prom girls in their beautiful prom dresses

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Jess & Holly Prom Photography in Braintree

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