Wedding photography at Bishops Stortford Golf Club.

A quick preview from Liz and Kerry’s wedding I photographed recently at Great Waltham Church and Bishops Stortford Golf Club.

With a preview I would normally show you a nice romantic shot of the bride and groom but on this occasion have chosen to show one of the just the groom, well just the groom and his fellow band mates that is.

This cool groom (Kerry’s on the far left) plays in a Ska band and was playing here at his own wedding. They did do the first dance beforehand to a different band.

Kerry’s band are called ‘Skamite’ which I think is a brilliant name, ‘love em or hate em’ I loved them.

If you want to find out a bit more Skamite or even listen to a few tracks then check them out here,

I will post again soon with some more traditional type wedding photos and of course including some of the bride.

Tony Sale Photography_wedding at Bishops Stortford Golf Club

It’s all about the Groom

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