I am a big fan of low light / night time photography, if you follow my blog and you will have seen a number of examples in some of my previous work, such as London at Night. I also love to dabble and experiment in different High Dynamic Range (HDR) techniques and so decided to undertake a project combining the two. I also bought some photo compositing in to the mix, combining elements from two or more different photos.

The first two images below are low light shots of the Green Man public house in Gosfield, each one is produced by combing five different exposures of the same scene. The following three images have been produced in a similar way except that the person in each of the images was photographed independently in my studio and then composited / placed in to the scene in post production.

The Green Man Gosfield is a great pub by the way and does wonderful food, I would definitely recommend it. If you do go in remember to mention to Matt or Steve where you saw these photos.

Hope you like the images, please leave some feedback and tell me what you think.


HDR image of the Green Man pub


an HDR low light shot of the Gosfield pub The Green Man


low light hdr photo composite Green Man Gosfield


HDR composite image inside The Green Man


An HDR composite image at the Green Man

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The Green Man Public House – Gosfield Essex

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