The village of Gosfield is twinned with the lovely French town of Chouzé Sur Loire, which is set in the heart of the beautiful Loire valley.

In alternate years members of the Gosfield Twinning Association visit friends in France for a long weekend and then the following year members of the Chouzé Twinning Association will visit Gosfield. This year it’s time for Gosfield members to visit France. Twinning associations are all about making new friends, finding out more about other countries and appreciating cultural differences. They are also great fun and you don’t even need to speak another language, a desire to be open and friendly is all that is needed!

It is traditional when either Association visits the other that they present their hosts with a special gift. It was for this reason that I was contacted David Thompson, President of the Gosfield Twinning Associations, who asked me if it would be possible to produce a photograph that would somehow represent the village. Being a resident of Gosfield I was extremely pleased and excited to undertake this challenge and immediately began to discuss some of my ideas and options. It was quickly agreed that the final image should be a montage, with a photograph of members of the Twinning Association in the centre surrounded by landmarks and buildings that represent the village.

Gosfield, if you don’t know it, is a relatively small (population 1500), but beautiful village set in rural north Essex, but when it came down to it I was surprised at just how many landmarks there were to photograph. Infact it was not possible to comfortably fit them all into the picture!

Here are a few of the photographs, which I took along the way, together with the final image, which has now been printed and framed and presented to the village of Chouzé Sur Loire.

If you are interested in joining the Gosfield Twinning Association or would like to find out more information about it then contact the president, David Thompson on 01787 472997.

If you would like to commission your own special village or town photograph, or indeed for any of your photographic needs then contact Tony Sale Photography on 01787 474923 or visit my main web site at

Gosfield Lake by Tony Sale Photography

Gosfield Lake

St Catharines Church Gosfield

St Catherine’s Church Gosfield

Gosfield Hall

Gosfield Hall

Gosfield Hall

The Green Man Public House – Gosfield

The Kings Head Public House – Gosfield
The Kings Head Public House – Gosfield

Members of the Gosfield Twinning Association
The final picture that was presented to the town of Chouzé-Sur-Loire

Gosfield Twinning Association

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