My wife and I always like to put food out for the birds, especially at this time of year and just recently we purchased a new feeder as the old one had broken. I decided this was a great opportunity to changes its location slightly so that it might be easier to photograph our little feathered friends.

I also wanted to photograph them in relative comfort and so managed to find a nice branch in the front garden fairly close to our lounge window. This turned out to be ideal as was able to open the window and then clip the curtains around my lens and remain completely obscured from view. (and of course have a nice cup of tea close by!)

By using a shallow depth of field and carefully angling the camera I was able to keep out any detraction from passing traffic and have a nice out of focus hedge to provide a pleasant background.

The position of the feeder also meant that birds could land on branches nearby before hoping down to feed.

Tony Sale Photography_Garden Birds_01

Tony Sale Photography_Garden Birds_Sparrow

Tony Sale Photography_Garden Birds_03

Tony Sale Photography_Garden Birds_Robin

Tony Sale Photography_Garden Birds_05

Tony Sale Photography_Garden Birds_Blue Tit

Tony Sale Photography_Garden Birds_07

Tony Sale Photography_Garden Birds_08

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Garden Birds in North Essex

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