Gaby & Tom’s amazing wedding at St Nicholas Church Fyfield.

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I remember when I first went to see Gaby and Tom at their home in Fyfield they were at home with their daughter Erin and the family pets a dog and the cat. I remember there being a real homely feel to the place, they were very natural and down to earth; I liked them both straight away.

Their home is connected to the one next door which is where Gaby’s mother lives and at the back they had this very large beautiful garden which they shared. I was pretty excited when Gaby told me that was where the wedding reception was to be and we went out checked it out in detail. She showed me where the marquee would be and I checked out the beautiful flower beds and all the little hidden nooks and crannies, planning already some of the ideal places for the wedding photographs.

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The ceremony itself was to be at St Nicholas’s the local village church. I was very happy when they booked me it had all the hallmarks of being an amazing day.

Tom worked at the local pub in the village and it seemed they were both very well known and had lots of friends. (Just look at the number of bridesmaids Gaby has). This was also reflected in the banter and fun that everyone seemed to enjoy at the wedding.

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Gaby also seemed to be very close to her family (and I don’t just mean living next door). At the wedding ceremony she was given away by her brother. One of my favourite images from the day is the black and white one below which was taken at the moment Gaby and Tom saw each other for the first time on their wedding day, the love and admiration they have for each other is just so evident from the look on their faces, but also the look from Gaby’s brother, I think, shows his love and approval for them both.

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In my experience all weddings are unique and Gaby and Tom’s was no exception. This is the first wedding I have photographed where the guest released a hundred red balloons outside the church. It’s also the first wedding I have photographed where the most delicious burgers were served from a gourmet burger van in the evening. (Mmmm they were good!) All of the bouquets and button Holes were also handmade so too was the wedding cake, Gaby and Tom worked hard to make their wedding day special and to make it their own.

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I did have one moment of mild concern during the course of the evening. Gaby and Tom had left the dog in the house so it couldn’t run off or bother the guests, however when I went into the house to photograph a whole group shot from an upstairs window the dog managed to ‘barge’ past me and get out. Luckily he didn’t run off or jump up and ruin anyone’s dress, in fact everyone was pleased to see him and he was allowed to stay out and enjoy the fun for a while.

Gaby and Tom were amazing it was a great pleasure to photograph their wedding and I wish them a long and wonderful life together.

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Fyfield Wedding Photography – Gaby & Tom’s Wedding

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