Family Portrait Photography in Essex, Suffolk & Cambridgeshire

Birthdays, Anniversary’s, Party’s, Christenings, Graduations, these are all great times to take some fantastic family portraits and, of course, individual portraits as well.

This particular family portrait was taken at Gosfield Golf Club in north Essex at a 25th wedding anniversary celebration. The great thing about all these occasions is that people travel and come together to celebrate and usually have made an effort to dress up and look good. So everybody meets in one place and they all look good and what more because they’re celebrating they are much more inclined (in the right mood) to be photographed.

Don’t miss an opportunity, next time you are having a family and friends celebration why not arrange to have some professional photographs taken. It’s doesn’t have to be expensive and the results will bring back memories of the occasion and of loved ones for many years to come.

For more information about portrait photography in Essex then do get in contact or give me a call on 01787 474923

 Family Portrait Photography at Gosfield Golf Club

Family Portrait Photography Gosfield Lake Golf Club

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