Portrait Photography with Chris & Ashleigh.

I was fortunate enough to first meet Chris and Ashleigh back in 2010 when I photographed their wedding at Gosfield Hall. I then met them again, a few years later, when I photographed Kiri and Andrews wedding at St Peter’s church in Braintree. Kiri is Ashleigh’s sister and had been a bridesmaid at her wedding. Thanks for the recommendation Ashleigh 🙂

Actually talking of recommendations, both Ashleigh and Kiri had the same hairdresser to do their hair on their wedding day, a lovely lady called Vicky and guess what when she got married last year I photographed her wedding as well. Anyway back to what I was saying;

So it was extremely nice to see them a third time when I did this family portrait shoot in Gosfield last summer. They weren’t really sure whether to do a studio shoot or something more natural outdoors in the local area so, we did both.

Family Portrait Photography Braintree

Family Portrait Photography Braintree_02

Family Portrait Photography Braintree_03

Family Portrait Photography Braintree_04

Family Portrait Photography Braintree_05

We started off in my home studio doing a mix of family, small group and individual shots, (not everyone was always willing to play ball but we worked around that easily enough). We then headed over to Gosfield playing fields where they have a children’s play area that worked really well the children enjoyed it they settled a lot more and it took their mind off being photographed.

One of the most popular photographs in my portfolio and on my web site is one of Ashleigh and Chris’s son Ben, you can see it on my home page slide show. It was really surprising to see how much he had grown up and changed over those few years, not as cute now as he was then but still looking cool, just look at that hair.

It just goes to show though how quickly we change, especially children, so remember to capture their photos now on a regular basis so you have a record to keep forever. Better still why not once in a while have some professional photographs taken, that way you can have a high quality permanent record and they make a great gift for family and friends.

Family Portrait Photography Braintree_06

Family Portrait Photography Braintree_07

Family Portrait Photography Braintree_08

Family Portrait Photography Braintree_09

Family Portrait Photography Braintree_10

Family Portrait Photography Braintree_11

Family Portrait Photography Braintree_12

Family Portrait Photography Braintree_13

Family Portrait Photography Braintree_14

Family Portrait Photography Braintree_15

Family Portrait Photography Braintree_16

Family Portrait Photography Braintree_17

If you enjoyed looking at these family portrait photos then please do leave a message in the comment box below, Better still why not get in touch and arrange a photo shoot of your own, phone 01787 474923 or use the contact form on this site.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Family Portrait Photography in Halstead

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