What a wonderful opportunity to shoot some mother and son, family portrait photographs in my home village of Gosfield in North Essex.

A couple of day ago I photographed Sarah and her two year old son Oakley, on a beautiful sunny autumnal day, walking and playing in the Gosfield nature reserve.

The few days prior to this the weather had been pretty miserable, dull cloudy, cold, raining and windy, you know – yuck! So it was such a pleasure to have some gorgeous autumn sunshine and Sarah & Oakley certainly made the best of it. Feeding the ducks, playing hide and seek rolling around in the fallen leaves and throwing them into the air.

It was certainly a very natural and very relaxed way to take photographs, the whole session was very engaging it was based on playing and having fun and not at all about posing for a bunch of formal or semi-formal portraits.

I have actually photographed Sarah on a previous occasion, she assisted me with a photography project a few years ago when I was photographing and designing some book covers based on The Seven Deadly Sins. I won’t tell you now which sin Sarah represented but I will perhaps show the cover in a later blog post (stayed tuned for more info).

It was a great shoot and we captured some brilliant photos. Sarah enjoyed it so much that she has already booked me for another shoot, this time to include her husband and their other son Blue.

Here are a selection of photo’s below, please feel free to leave a message and tell me what you think or if you would like to book your own portrait session then phone me now on 01787 474923 or contact me via the contact form.

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Family portrait photography mother and son


Childrens portrait


Portrait of a child in Gosfield Essex


Stunning family portrait


Mother and young son portrait photography


Black and white portrait of a young boy
Family portrait of a young boy


Beautiful portrait of a mother and her son


Black and white family portrait


portrait of a young woman


Head shot portrait photography


Beautiful woman portrait


Portrait of a young boy next to a tree


Portraits of mother & son in Gosfield Essex


Mother & son play in leaves


Young boy plays in fallen leaves


Young boy has fun throwing piles of leaves


Fun playing and throwing leaves


Such great fun - young boy plays in fallen leaves


Young boy playing with his mum in pink wellies


Female portrait photography


Triptych of mum playing with her young son

Family Portrait Photography Gosfield Essex
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