Gosfield Hall Wedding.

Why I like this image.

Gosfield Hall is one of the finest wedding venues in Essex situated just a mile from my home in Gosfield.

It’s a stunning Georgian manor house set in beautiful surrounds. Built around 1545 and was once the home to King Louis XVIII and his Queen Marie Josephine Louis of Savoy who had fled France to avoid the guillotine. Queen Victoria also once spent the night there.

It’s a very impressive very grand building and perhaps one my most favourite rooms is the very ornate Ballroom which is used as the dining room.

I was fortunate enough to be the wedding photographer for Cherry and Andrews wedding at which there were some wonderful speeches, one those being made by Chery’s sister.

To me this photograph captures the splendour of the room, the delight of Chery’s sister in giving her speech, the happiness of the bride and groom and the richness and joy of the whole event.

If you are getting married at Gosfield Hall or any other wedding venue then please do get in touch to discuss your wedding photography


Essex Wedding at Gosfield Hall

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