Portrait photography – Rev John Blore St Andrew’s Church Halstead.


I was recently asked to take some portrait photographs of the Rev John Blore who was retiring from his role at St Andrews Church in Halstead. I have known John for a number of years and in fact he has conducted a number of weddings at the church when I have been the photographer, he’s a really nice guy.

Portrait Photography Halstead_Rev John Blore_001

John was not just retiring from the church; he was also retiring from the ministry altogether, so it was a major turning point in his life. It was probably a few weeks before he retired that he realised that during all the years he had been in his role he hadn’t really got many, if any, photographs of himself. Hence he asked me if I could take some to mark the occasion and also to remind him of the memorable times he had spent at Halstead.

Halstead Essex Portrait Photography

Portrait of John Blore outside St Andrews Church Halstead

We met at the church one weekday morning and worked together to produce a small selection / collection of different images incorporating different aspects of the church. Some taken outside in natural light and others inside more dramatic portraits enhanced by a touch of off camera flash.

Commercial Portrait Photography Halstead Essex

Headshot portrait photography Essex

Corporate headshot  Photography Halstead Essex

John has now retired and moved to live in rural Norfolk, together with his collection of portraits of course; I wish him and his wife, Jane a long and happy retirement.

If you want to know how you can get your work place portraits then do get in touch via the contact me page on this web site.

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Corporate portrait photography Halstead Essex

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