A Pre Wedding Photo Shoot with Rachel & Ben.


Some months back I did a pre wedding photo shoot with Rachel and Ben a really nice couple from Colchester in north Essex. Although I had never met them before Rachel’s dad, Mick is an old colleague of mine so it was especially nice to meet her and put a face to a name.

We did the photo shoot in Colchester at Castle Park, quite a popular place for me to do pre wedding photo shoots, having done quite a few there over the past year.


Pre wedding photo shoot Colchester_001


Pre wedding photo shoot Colchester_002

Let me tell you a little bit about the history of the park (only if you’re interested that is). Colchester Castle Park is situated to the north east of Colchester Town Centre and is divided into the Upper Park and Lower Park by the Roman Wall that crosses through it east to west.

The castle there is built on the foundations of an earlier ancient building, The Roman temple of Claudius (built between AD 54–60). Colchester’s keep is the largest ever built in Britain and the largest surviving example in Europe.

The castle was ordered by William the Conqueror and was designed by Gundulf, the Bishop of Rochester. The actual building began between 1069 and 1076 but stopped in 1080 because of a threat of Viking invasions. It was subsequently completed by around 1100. Many materials, such as brick and clay taken from the Roman town, were used in the building and these can still be easily seen.

Pre wedding photo shoot Colchester_003


Pre wedding photo shoot Colchester_004

I arranged to meet them at the park in the early evening, when most of the crowds had left and the sun less harsh (a much kinder softer light for portraits). Mick had told me that Rachel was a little bit shy and that she may have been apprehensive about having her photograph taken but I have to say she was brilliant. She seemed quite relaxed and they both seemed to very much enjoy the experience.

They are getting married at St James – the – Less church in Little Tey followed by a reception at The White Hart in Great Yeldham, another one of my favourite venues.

Pre wedding photo shoot Colchester_005


Pre wedding photo shoot Colchester_006


Pre wedding photo shoot Colchester_007


Pre wedding photo shoot Colchester_008

If you are planning to get married in 2015  and would like more information about wedding photography then please contact me now!

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Colchester Castle Park – Pre Wedding Photo Shoot

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