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Beautiful Wedding photography at Braxted Park in Essex

This was an image taken at Braxted Park last summer. It was an Indian wedding and I was the second shooter assisting Essex wedding photographer Andy Griffin.

I never really got to know the bride and groom as I only saw them for the first time on the day itself. However I did get to watch them throughout the day and to witness the true love that they clearly showed for each other, looking totally relaxed and at ease.

It was a gorgeous sunny day and the ceremony was held outside in the Walled Knott Garden. There must have been several hundred guests who all looked amazing and in fact my main task on the day was to record some candid / documentary photographs of them. I’m sure some of these will feature in later blog posts, maybe even as a future image of the week.

Anyway, why did I choose this image to feature as my image of the week? Well to be honest I just love it! The ceremony has just finished the bride and grooms were walking down the aisle interacting with their guests for the first time since becoming husband and wife. They were beaming, clearly so proud and happy to be newly married, they were catching the eyes of family and friends as they pass and  the look on their faces is  just a natural expression of their total joy.

I can’t look at this photograph without feeling the happiness they are exuding, I guess it makes me feel warm inside and makes me feel happy for them (a bit soppy I know but there you go).

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Braxted Park Wedding
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