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For those of you that follow my blog you will now that ‘Bo’ is our family dog, a Cockapoo, that we got when she was a puppy just after Christmas last year. Well as she is just over one now and has celebrated her first birthday I thought it was time to put up a few more pictures.

Bo, is a very lively, very excitable dog, she loves to play and will pester you for hours to tug on the end of her rope or blanket whilst she pulls on the other end. She is also very clever and has been trained to perform a number of tricks including, rolling over, playing dead, speaking and sitting up to beg.

She absolutely loves to go out for her daily walks and is barely able to contain her excitement when she senses that you are about to take her out: an excitement which reaches fever pitch when you actually pick up her lead or head for the door.

She loves the outdoors and adored the snow, as you will see from these photographs.




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