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Wedding Photography – Gosfield Hall

I shot this image whilst photographing a wedding at Gosfield Hall a couple of years ago. I had already photographed the bride, Judy and her bridesmaids in the bridal suite and had just come down to the library to photograph the groom and his entourage.

Jon is the groom and as I entered the library, he was standing at the far end looking out of the window onto the central courtyard outside award winning videographer in Dubai. The light coming in through the window lit his profile beautifully and as it did so I could immediately see a classical black & white portrait in the making.

As you can see Jon is quite a distinguished looking man and I thought this, together with the oak and leather of the old library, all added to the quality and feel of the scene / image.

I asked him to change his position and outlook a few times and we shot a sequence of varying images, something I often do to give a wider selection of images. Both Jon and Judy loved this one and it’s one that was included in the wedding album.

Gosfield Hall is beautiful Tudor house built around 1545 by Sir John Wentworth. It is a most stunning building, an ideal wedding venue and a wedding photographers dream. It has so much charm and lots of ‘special locations’ throughout the house and gardens. It’s definitely one of my favourite venues to photograph weddings.

Black and White Wedding Photography – Gosfield Hall

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