Caitlyn & Ashley’s Wedding

Romantic bride and groom

Wow! What a romantic guy Ashley is, never met anyone like him! Do you know for the five days leading up to the wedding he sent Caitlyn a bouquet of flowers every single day. (You will see a great photo of them below).

Caitlyn and Ashley you may remember live in Braintree, I did a pre wedding photo shoot with them some weeks ago. Ashley’s parents live in Gosfield (very close to me) and it’s in their beautiful gardens that they held their wedding reception in a fantastic wedding marquee. The wedding ceremony itself was also held in the village at St Catherine’s Church.

Emma & Liam’s Wedding

Witham wedding photography

About two years ago I photographed the wedding of Emma’s friends Ashlea and Chris at Gosfield Hall. When Ashlea showed Emma her album she absolutely loved it and vowed if she ever got married she was going to book me as her photographer. (Which when I heard about it gave me a lovely warm glow inside ah!)

Well anyway, two years later Emma and her boyfriend Liam decided to get married and…. hey you guessed it they booked me to photograph the wedding.

Emma and Liam are a real down to earth ‘Essex’ couple who live in Witham with their two lovely children. They got married at St Andrews Church in Hatfield Peveral and then went on to the Rivenhall Hotel for their reception.

Model / Portrait Photography with Caroline (part 1)

Model / Portrait Photography with Caroline (part 1)

In my last blog post portrait photography with Nikki (part 1) I told you about the excellent few days I had spent training with John and Liz Denton at their studios near Beverley in East Yorkshire. Well, Nikki was our model for the first day, on the second day we photographed Caroline Spalding, a wee Scottish lass with a lovely Scottish accent.

The training was focused on lighting and posing two extremely important elements in creating exciting, impactive, quality photographs, indeed without light there would be no photograph at all.

Portrait Photography – Nikki (part 1)

Model Photography

I recently spent a few days training with photographer John Denton and his wife Liz at their studios near Beverley in East Yorkshire. What an excellent weekend it was, the Saturday and Sunday were both full days of shooting with two different models booked by John and on the Monday was an excellent and informative / interactive input from with Liz on the business and marketing and more importantly branding side of the photography business.

Caitlyn & Ashley – a pre wedding photo shoot in Gosfield

Black & white photograph of the bride & groom to be

Caitlyn and Ashley live in the lovely town of Braintree here in North Essex, however Ashley works in the delightful nearby village of Gosfield and it’s here that we decided to do our pre wedding photo shoot. If you follow my blog then you will know I always speak highly of Gosfield, and if you follow my blog then you will also know the reason why – it’s because I live here!

Gosfield has so many great features and makes an ideal location for a pre wedding photo shoot.

Jane & Keir’s wedding at Maison Talbooth and La Talbooth

Wedding at Maison Talbooth in dedham Essex

It was a real pleasure for me to photograph the wedding of Jane and Keir at the wonderful venues of Maison Talbooth and La Talbooth both only a short distance from each other in the picturesque village of Dedham in North Essex very close to the Suffolk border. Both delightful buildings and both fantastic venues for beautiful wedding photography.

Jane and keir live in Lowestoft in Suffolk but I had met them at La Talbooth a couple of months earlier to for a pre wedding photo shoot.