A Beautiful Rose

I love photographing flowers, either growing wild, or growing in formal gardens or informal gardens or even occasionally photographing them in the studio. In fact you may have seen my post a few weeks back of some daffodils which were photographed in my studio, have a look now if you didn’t see them.

This year we had some beautiful pink roses growing in our garden at home and I decided to pick a few and give then the studio treatment.

London 2012 Olympic Park

London 2012 _ Olympic Stadium at Night

My wife (Kate) and I have been trying desperately to get some Olympic event tickets for both the Olympics and the Para Olympics but with no joy whatsoever. Well not in our price range anyway, we were set on getting tickets for events in the Olympic Stadium because it was really there that we wanted to experience the Olympic atmosphere. We did apply online for two tickets priced at £150 each which to our surprise seemed to be accepted