Gosfield Twinning Association

The village of Gosfield is twinned with the lovely French town of Chouzé Sur Loire, which is set in the heart of the beautiful Loire valley.
In alternate years members of the Gosfield Twinning Association visit friends in France for a long weekend and then the following year members of the Chouzé Twinning Association will visit Gosfield. This year it’s time for Gosfield members to visit France. Twinning associations are all about making new friends, finding out more about other countries and appreciating cultural differences.

Heather and Pat’s Wedding

I was very fortunate recently to photograph Heather & Pat’s wedding, this was a civil ceremony and both the ceremony and the reception took place at the White Hart Hotel a beautiful wedding venue at Great Yeldham in North Essex.

They were a fantastic couple and were great to work with, as were the four children and indeed all of their guests. Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves and having a good time.

Halstead Easter Pageant

Hundreds of people gathered in the town of Halstead on Easter Saturday to witness the Easter pageant an annual event, which was revived last year after a short break.

The event, which was scripted by local resident, Cat Logan featured the five Stations of the Cross. Each station was acted out in a different part of the town as the procession moved from the library in Bridge Street, up the high street and on to St Andrews Church. There were at least 60 actors and helpers involved from five different churches,

Bo 2

In one of my earlier blogs I introduced Bo, our new puppy, a cockapoo who came to us on the 27th December last year. In those photo’s she was very tiny and very very cute. Well three months on she is still very cute and although still small she has actually quadrupled in size.

She is also extremely active and full of mischief and fun. She races around with boundless energy and chews just about anything she can get hold of, including, shoes, bits of wood, books and anything else she can get hold of.