100 years old!

I recently photographed the Kitty’s 100th birthday celebration  a wonderful lady, mother, grandmother and great grandmother from Coggeshall in Essex and I have to say it was a real privilege to be a part of the day and the celebrations.

The day started at her home in Coggeshall where she received her telegram (card) from the Queen as well as many other cards and flowers. (she was absolutely delighted)

She was then chauffer driven to the Colne Valley Golf Club in Earls Colne where a surprise party had been arranged. Family and friends had come from all around the country and indeed the world to share this special day with her and it was a great opportunity to capture some family portraits as well as individual portraits of all the guests. I know she derived much pleasure from looking at these in the days and weeks that followed.

As part of the celebration Kitty was also presented with a photo book which was a chronological presentation of photographs detailing her life from a young child through to the present day and including details of her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.

The book was actually designed and produced by me following the collection of lots and lots of old family photos. I look forward to showing details of this in a later blog post. I know it meant a lot to Kitty and she has treasured it ever since.

One of Kitty’s grandchildren had written a poem about Kitty’s life which she presented and read out for all to hear. I have included the text of the poem below.

If you have a special event or birthday coming up and would like to capture those special moments then please do get in touch.

100 year old Kitty reads her message from the Queen

Looking fantastic at 100 years old Kitty poses for some celebratory birthday portraits

Family portrait photographs of Kitty with all generations of her family.

Individual portraits of all the guests that attended the celebration

The Colne Valley Golf Club provided a perfect setting for Individual portraits of all the guests that attended the celebration

Individual photographs of family and friends who shared the day with Kitty

Kitty blows out the candles in the beautiful dining room of the Colne Valley Golf Club.

This is your life Kitty Crayston

Young & old Kitty admires her great great grandson

 Granny’s Poem

I have got a story to tell

About a great lady you all know well!

It’s a fairy tale story, written in rhyme

And it all starts as good stories start

“Once upon a time”

There was born a little Kitty,

Who was very cute and pretty

The 25th of February her date of birth,

She bought her parents joy and mirth

In Tolleshunt D’Arcy born and bread

She grew up happily so was said

Loved her flowers, dress-making and sewing

Peg and Kitty kept growing and growing

The train to school the “Crab and Winkle”

Made their mother frown and wrinkle

The next stop on the list was Colchester High

Always coming home to a hot home cooked pie

She went to Writtle for a start

And studied Horticulture to follow her heart

When she met Richard known as Dick

They went together through thin and thick

The 30th of March in 1932 was wedding day

Glovers and Taylors were there to say

“Good luck, good health and a life full of pleasure

Four children were born – what a treasure

They made good friends and ran a dairy farm

The children grew up and came to no harm

They all lived happily at Noaks Cross

Great granny was and still is the boss

Tennis and swimming in the pond

Formed between the children a special bond

Cars, trollies and go-carts

Were big in Dick and the boy’s hearts

Young farmers came and stayed or went

All children got married, what an event

The families focused on fun and laughter

The first grandchild followed soon after

The family home was Cockerels Farm

With its swimming pool, chestnut tree and barn

With trains in the attic and swings in trees

Friends and family enjoyed the cream teas

The Grandparents were terribly proud

Of the thirteen grandchildren, what a crowd!

Some of them travelled to places far away

But all have come back for this special day

In 1972 the wedding of gold

The love between Dick and Kitty never went cold

Their grandchildren married and had their fun

And with 18 Great grandchildren all was said and done

Congratulations, Great Granny

You have reached the big “10-0”

You were born in the last century

So that’s a long time ago!


Beautiful flowers

Large group photograph on the course at the Colne Valley Golf Club

If you are holding an event or would like to know more about portrait photography then why not get in touch, phone me on 01787 474923 or send a message via the contact form.

100th Birthday Celebration Party
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