Vicky & Rob’s Silver End and Kelvedon Wedding.

Back in December last year it was my pleasure to photograph the wedding of Vicky & Rob, the ceremony being at Silver End Congregational Church followed by a reception at Kelvedon Labour Club.

They had first approached me a few months earlier about shooting their wedding and it was then that I learned that Vicky was a hair dresser and had styled the hair for a number of my previous brides. It was also nice to hear that they had been thrilled with their wedding photography and were very keen to recommend me.

I had never photographed at Silver End Congregational Church before or the Kelvedon Labour club so I was very much looking forward to the experience.

Like I said the wedding was in December and to be fair although it wasn’t snowing it was a pretty chilly and blustery winter’s day outside. Inside however it was cosy and warm and a perfect place to celebrate Vicky & Rob’s wedding.

Hi Tony

Thanks you so much for everything! We received the USB stick today. We Just had a look at the photos, they

are so lovely!

Hope you have a brilliant Christmas in New Zealand and happy New Year!

Many thanks again

Vicky and Rob x

The service was very inclusive with everyone encouraged to be involved and take part, the words of the hymns and images of the bride and groom projected for all to see. The reception too was equally warm and friendly with everyone having a great time.

Once the speeches the cutting of the cake and the first dance were done I left Vicky & Rob to party on with their friends and family. They really were such a lovely couple and wish them every success in their life together.

Here are a few images from Vicky & Rob’s amazing wedding day.

Wedding Photography Witham_001

The groom, Rob, with his best man and ushers outside Silver End Congregational Church

Wedding Photography Witham_002

The groom, Rob, with his best man and ushers in the park oposite Silver End Congregational Church

Wedding Photography Witham_003

The groom, Rob, with his best man and ushers in the park oposite Silver End Congregational Church

Wedding Photography Witham_004

The bride, Vicky arrives with her dad and her bridesmaids all ready for wedding ceremony.

Wedding Photography Witham_005

A special moment Vicky with her Dad.

Wedding Photography Witham_006

Let the wedding ceremony begin, Vicky is led down the aisle by her dad as Rob anxiously awaits.

Wedding Photography Witham_007

The wedding ceremony, Vicky & Rob see each other for the forst time on their big day.

Wedding Photography Witham_008

It’s so nice to capture the expressions of the guests as they look on feeling proud as their friends get married.

Wedding Photography Witham_009

The wedding ceremony.

Wedding Photography Witham_010

Checking out those great photos he has just taken.

Wedding Photography Witham_011

Feeling so happy and so proud family and friends enjoy the occasion.

Wedding Photography Witham_012

Vicky and Rob signing the register

Wedding Photography Witham_013

Time for the all important wedding group shot.

Wedding Photography Witham_014

The wedding processional as Vicky & Rob leave the church.

Wedding Photography Witham_015

Bride & Groom Vicky & Rob newly married leave the church

Wedding Photography Witham_016


Wedding Photography Witham_017

Bride and groom the newly wed Vicky and Rob outside Silver End Congregational Church

Wedding Photography Witham_018

Outside the Church

Wedding Photography Witham_019

The bridal party posing for a few fun shots

Wedding Photography Witham_020

Vicky and Rob enjoy a walk in the park

Wedding Photography Witham_021

Vicky’s beautiful wedding bouquet

Wedding Photography Witham_022

A few indoor portraits of Vicky – Looks Amazing!

Wedding Photography Witham_023

Portrait of the Bride & Groom – Vicky & Rob both looking good!

Wedding Photography Witham_024


Wedding Photography Witham_025

A romantic first dance

Wedding Photography Witham_026

Black & White photo of the Bride & groom

Wedding Photography Witham_027

Merry Christmas!

Wedding Photography Witham_028

Vicky & Rob ebjoy a quiet moment as they dance together.

Wedding Photography Witham_029

Vicky looking gorgeous spends a moment with her dad

Wedding Photography Witham_030

Petals on the dance floor

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