Location Portrait Photography Essex.

For this portrait shoot with Rob and Emma we went off in to the countryside about 8.00PM in the evening. I wanted to make the most of the late evening sun (although actually there wasn’t a lot of it) but I also wanted to add some drama to the shots with some discerning use of off camera lighting.

For the most part the off camera lighting was carefully blended with the ambient light to produce a nice soft natural effect. But at other times I allowed the off camera lighting to dominate and overpower some of the ambient light to produce what I think is a more dramatic outcome.

The whole shoot was a fun event and I think the location, combined with creative posing and lighting gave the session a very ‘fashion portrait’ type feel.

Finally, I must add a big thanks to my son Nick for his support and help with the lighting, “thanks Nick”.

A Romantic Portrait Shoot with Rob & Emma

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Location Portrait Photography


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Location Portrait Photography in Gosfield


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Black & White Portrait of Rob


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Stunning Black & White Portrait of Emma


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Beautiful Portrait of Emma


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Having Fun


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Looking Wonderful Together


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A Romantic Stroll


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Another Wonderful Shot of Emma


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Rob & Emma – All Smiles


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Rob & Emma – All Smiles


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Jump For Joy


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A Tender Moment


If you would like to book a portrait session, either in the studio or else out on location, similar to this one then contact me either directly on 01787 474923 or via my web site at www.tonysalephotography.co.uk


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Rob and Emma portrait shoot

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