Bride & Groom photo shoot in Gosfield

Everything Gosfield

I thought it was about time I shared these images from a pre wedding photoshoot I did some time ago.

What I really liked about this shoot, apart from the fact that Zoe & Carl are such a nice couple, is that everything was centred around Gosfield.

Firstly, Carl grew up in Gosfield and his parents still live there, Zoe and Carl were getting married at Gosfield church and having their reception at Gosfield Lake Golf Club. Carl works on a farm in Gosfield and indeed the beautifully ploughed and seeded fields in the photographs were tended by Carl. Also (this is the bit I like) the photographer lives in Gosfield. It’s a beautiful village and so it’s always a pleasure to work here.

During the photo session Zoe & Carl were brilliant and Zoe’s daughter Shannon came along too, you can see her in a few of the shots. What was especially nice was she had a keen interest in photography.

By the end of the session we were all very much looking forward to capturing some more great images on the wedding day itself.

Pre wedding photo shoot Gosfield_001

Zoe & Carl enjoy the evening sun in Gosfield

Pre wedding photo shoot Gosfield

Zoe & Carl photographed outside St Catherine’s Church in Gosfield

Family photography Gosfield

Zoe & Carl with Zoe’s daughter Shannon outside Gosfield church

In love

Eyes for each other

Pre wedding photo shoot Gosfield_005

Zoe & Carl outside St Catherine’s Church where they are to be married

pre wedding photo shoot in the essex countryside

Zoe & Carl enjoying a walk across the beautiful Essex countryside

Pre wedding photo shoot in the countryside of Gosfield

Zoe & Carl enjoying a walk across the beautiful Essex countryside

Pre wedding photo shoot Gosfield_008


Pre wedding photo shoot Gosfield_009


Pre wedding photo shoot Gosfield_010

Having Fun

Pre wedding photo shoot Gosfield_011

Beautiful Black & White Portraits

Pre wedding photo shoot Gosfield_012

Love The Smiles

Pre wedding photo shoot Gosfield_013


Pre wedding photo shoot Gosfield_014


I hope you liked the photos, please feel free to leave a comment in the box below and to share this post with your friends


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